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Hello guys.

As you all know, the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market and there is always a high demand for them. Using the method below, I will tell you how to flip iPhones and make up to $250 per phone!

00 Philips Screwdriver

A used iPhone in good condition, with warranty, and has never been taken to the apple store for hardware problems.


1. Buy an used iPhone 4 or 4S from craigslist. iPhones are very popular so this shouldn't be too hard.
check the warranty status here

2. Disassemble the iPhone by using the screwdriver to unscrew the bottom of the phone. Make sure the screws are in standard Philips 00 format or else it won't work. If your phone has pentalobe screws instead, use the specific screwdriver to unscrew those. (Buy link at the top)

3.Carefully remove the rear case and the battery. Be cautious not to damage it.
copyright by Fixit

4. Now remove the battery connector. Now this is the tricky part; you must damage it in a way that it stops the phone from working but convincing enough for the Apple staff. (i.e. slight corrosion)

5. Now screw everything back in and bring it in the closest Apple Store and convince them to replace your phone. (requires social skills)

6. After you got one, DO NOT PUT A SIM CARD IN! This is because that it will remain unlocked until a sim is inserted and thus can be sold at a higher price.

7. Now sell the phone. iPhone 4 can probably make you about 60-100 dollars depending on the price range.

Now enjoy your income! :D

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